SAFe Revisited… Accounting for Reality

SAFE Revisited

After engaging large organizations in their desire to transform to a more anti-fragile environment, its become evident that the SAFe has its limitations, as it neglects to account for reality. In an attempt to highlight areas of the SAFe model that assume systematic adherence within an organization, the markups provide an alternative mindset for achieving the goal of anti-fragility while implementing the SAFe.

Studying the model above, key themes to consider are Stability among teams and assets, Organizing Around Value is a necessity for foundational success, and strong Leadership that can step into owning the transformation and the future direction of the organization is critical.

Key components within the different hierarchical tracks include, a well defined and administered Intake Process; established Value Streams (Products, Services, User Experiences offerings); a Discovery and Delivery team for each Value Stream; and Build and Deploy Processes that are autonomous to each Value Stream. By establishing these pillars, the SAFe model can begin to take shape in the form best suited for the organization; no one model will fit all organizations.

For additional perspectives from others in the industry, I encourage you to read the writeup by colleague and friend, Si Alhir.


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